Post Brexit – The Effects on Business


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As the dust starts to settle a clear view of life after Brexit is upon us. Ok, so maybe not quite yet.

If one thing is certain about Brexit it is that the effect is uncertain. The travel industry has had its casualties, the value of the pound plummeting hasn’t inspired foreign travel and has encouraged caution amongst the British public.

Now is the time to think about re-energising your business. EU changes, public spending, public concern are all opportunities. Now is the time to review your business model, your strategy, what is working, what is suffering, what can be done to improve profitability.

All too often we see delays in seeking professional advice simply because the directors believe a turnaround is imminent. It might well be, but is there any harm in engaging a professional at the early signs of concern. The fact is a potential turnaround is significantly more likely the earlier it is undertaken.

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