The value of Collaboration

Business Update


Director Lynn Gibson recently attended an IOD breakfast meeting.  The topic of discussion was collaboration.  Here is her summary of the discussion:

Collaboration definitions:

  1. Informal arrangement prior to written agreement
  2. People coming together to share values and practice with a clarity of purpose
  3. Share ideas for mutual benefit


General feeling: 

Collaboration is about establishing a group of people you trust with tools to maintain trust.



Allows people to share skills / problem solve

Makes for awareness of mutual business opportunities

Many tools to assist collaboration



How to give recognition

Who owns the value

Cross over of interests

Needs clarity of roles

Decision making by committee

Overuse of technology can hinder

Competitors/ cultural mismatch

Senior management not keeping up




Comments/ Summary:

30% of value is added to a business by 5% of employees who are collaborating!

Trust, ethos/ethics and shared tools/ technology seem to be imperative elements of a positive collaboration.

Care must be taken to prevent decisions by committee without leadership.

Difficult to ensure obtain monetary value/ profit.