Director disqualified after windows firm goes bust

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A man who ran a window installation company – which collapsed last summer – has been banned from being a director following an Insolvency Service investigation.

Kelly Ord was one of the founders of Emperor Windows, a business which had branches in both Coventry and Cheltenham, and had taken deposits from 78 customers (totalling £85,552) in the months prior to the firm being wound-up.

The sum was accumulated between January and July last year, but customers would ultimately receive nothing in return.

The Insolvency Service revealed that Mr Ord had continued to take money even after seeking advice regarding debts in February 2016. The business eventually closed down in July, with the loss of around 30 jobs.

He has now been banned from serving as a director for the next seven years, having signed a disqualification undertaking.

Kevin Read, an official receiver with the Insolvency Service, said: “Mr Ord caused Emperor Windows Limited to take deposits from customers when the company was insolvent and without a reasonable expectation that services would be provided.

“The company failed to provide services to these customers and losses were incurred as a result. Company directors should note from this enforcement result that actions of this kind will lead to serious censure.

“This disqualification is a reminder to others tempted to do the same that the Insolvency Service will rigorously pursue enforcement action and seek to remove from them the privilege of trading with limited liability to protect the public for a lengthy period.”