Former super model’s company put into liquidation

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A former model and TV celebrity’s company has been put into liquidation after reportedly owing nearly £200,000 to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Katie Price announced that her company, Jordan Trading Ltd, would be wound up after a Court appearance earlier this year.

The firm was once worth £1.3 million, but has been in decline since 2008.

Its most recent accounts are overdue, but other documents show that the company’s net worth fell from £709,745 in 2011 to £1,194 in 2015.

An independent surveyor said: “The cash in the company has been dwindling over the years.”

It is reported that a winding-up application was submitted in October, while a meeting of creditors was held on February 16.

Ms Price’s agent said that all debtors will be paid.

“The situation is that Katie is winding up Jordan Trading as she is no longer using this vehicle for running her businesses.

“All debtors are being paid and Katie is now running her affairs through another entity.

“For avoidance of doubt the administrator was appointed by Kate/JT Ltd to complete an organised winding up of the company.”