Gibson Hewitt helps businesses spot signs of stress

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We are delighted to announce the launch of a new detailed guide to help businesses spot the signs of stress.

Prepared in-house by our award-winning team, the guide contains a lot of useful information on the risks that businesses face and how to identify and react to them.

In the final financial quarter of 2016, more than 5,564 businesses went into some form of insolvency proceedings in the UK and we believe that many of these cases could have been avoided if problems had been identified earlier, which is why we have put together a helpful guide.

Lynn Gibson, our Director at Gibson Hewitt, said: “It is amazing to think that thousands of businesses fail each year in the UK because they don’t spot the signs of business stress early enough.

“For some businesses it could be simple as running into issues with late paying customers, while for others it could a slow accumulation of debt.

“Often these are things that build up over time and it is easy for a business and its owners to miss them when they are focusing on growth, which is why we put together a helpful free guide to point them in the right direction.”

Lynn believes that with the right advice and actions most businesses can turn things around.

“We have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes that are experiencing problems, both simple and complex, and in most cases there is some form of suitable solution to put them on the right path, but identifying the issue is the first and most important step in this process,” added Lynn.

To download a free copy of the Gibson Hewitt guide and to learn more about our practice, please click here.