DJ Chris Evans’ business partner declared bankrupt

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The man who set up a pub with world-renowned DJ, Chris Evans, has declared himself bankrupt.

Rob Smith, owner of The Haven Bar and Bistro in Lymington, Hampshire, is reported to be burdened with debts of almost £370,000.

The pair entered into a partnership three years ago, with Mr Evans’ popularity giving the pub a major boost to business.

But the freeholder, Yacht Havens Group, revoked the pub’s lease earlier this year for reasons still unknown. It is understood that Mr Evans left the business at around the same time.

Mr Smith applied for bankruptcy earlier this month, stating he had no assets and debts of £368,906.

He reasoned that rising overheads, as well as building improvements, had pushed his finances to the limits.

He further said the seasonal nature of his business had impacted on cashflow, forcing the pub landlord to take out two commercial loans and using his own personal credit card to plug holes in the business.

The statement reads: “Robert Smith attributes his insolvency to the abrupt termination of his occupancy of his trading premises at a time when he was not cash-flow insolvent and had a plan to for the repayment of his debts.”

It adds that Mr Smith also owes tax and was making monthly payments of £4,000.