Bookkeeper handed 12 months Bankruptcy Restriction Order


A woman has been made subject to a bankruptcy restriction after withdrawing 161,725 euros in cash on credit cards which belonged to her Dutch employer.

Kandy Jean Wilson worked as a bookkeeper in the Netherlands between August 2009 and July 2011.

She was arrested by Dutch authorities in 2011 and was convicted in 2014 of committing theft with a false key, forgery of documents, and employee embezzlement.

Her employer pursued Mr Wilson for compensation, which ultimately led them to petition for her bankruptcy. The total liability to her employer was 203,496 euros (£175,000).

The bankruptcy order was made against her on 17 August 2016. It means that Ms Wilson will be bound for 11 years by the restrictions set out in insolvency law until 2028.

She also cannot manage or control a company during this period without permission from the court.

Commenting on the case, the Official Receiver, Kevin Read at the Insolvency Services said: “The Insolvency Service always looks very closely at individuals who demonstrate dishonesty and takes action where wrongdoing is uncovered.”

Individuals served with a Bankruptcy Restriction Order (BRO) must follow a strict set of rules. These include that a bankrupt:

  • must disclose their status to a credit provider if they wish to get credit of more than £500;
  • who carry on business in a different name from the name in which they were made bankrupt, they must disclose to those they wish to do business with the name (or trading style) under which they were made bankrupt;
  • may not act as the director of a company nor take part in its promotion, formation or management unless they have a court’s permission to do so;
  • may not act as an insolvency practitioner, or as the receiver or manager of the property of a company on behalf of debenture holders.