Gibson Hewitt encourage businesses to get up to date with new Insolvency Rules through innovative webinar

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Award-winning business recovery and insolvency firm, Gibson Hewitt, has prepared an informative webinar to help businesses and their professional advisers get up to date with the new Insolvency Rules require.

Presented by the firm’s Managing Director, Lynn Gibson and Insolvency Manager Phil Cake, the webinar focuses on the main aspect of the new legislation, which was introduced in April this year.

Aimed at simplifying and modernising the previous insolvency system, the Insolvency Rules 2016 place new requirements on businesses undergoing insolvency procedures, which significantly alter the process in regards to contacting interested parties and also the rights of creditors.

Discussing the new webinar, Lynn said: “Many businesses may not yet be aware of the changes to the Insolvency Rules, but the ramifications of the recently amended legislation could have a significant impact on their company should they face insolvency at some point.

“While in the whole the new regime has modernised the insolvency process, business leaders and their professional advisers need a greater understanding of what it means for them, which is why we have prepared this informative webinar.”

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The firm will also be hosting a presentation with leading accountancy organisation the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) on the new Insolvency Rules, which will take place at the Holiday Inn Guildford on 10 October 2017, where Lynn will share her expertise with local professionals. Details of this event can be found at