Challenging times in the restaurant industry


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Gibson Hewitt can help re-energise your business




The UK’s impending departure from the European Union will bring change for businesses of every size and sector.

The continued uncertainty of the BREXIT process is having far reaching effects.  You should be making plans for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.  Time spent thinking through what BREXIT may mean for your business could help future profits of your company.

Have you considered how BREXIT could……

  • Affect your workforce and future staff needs?
    What percentage of your UK workforce is from the EU27? Do your staff know the next steps to take to register as an EU citizen working in the UK?  What can you do to retain skills and labour?
  • Cross-border trade
    How resilient is your supply chain to potential border delays? The short shelf life of food products which could be rendered inedible by just a few hours’ delay, makes them particularly vulnerable.  If you buy from local suppliers, have you thought about how and where they source their food products?
  • Taxation
    Do you know if you will be affected by Import VAT or VAT registration in the EU?
  • Currency
    Will currency movements affect your business? The months following the EU referendum saw significant currency volatility – this may occur in the future.
  • Property contracts
    Do any of your contracts refer to the UK being a member state to the EU.
  • Regulatory compliance
    In the event of a “no deal Brexit” firms may need to comply with new licence requirements and changes to their competent regulatory authority. Will this have an impact on your business?


Whether BREXIT is having an impact on your business or not moving with the times is more important than ever. We have helped a number of businesses identify causes and impacts of financial stress and re-energised their business for future success.

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