Pro’s & cons of using sub-contractors

Should a business use sub contractors?
When your business needs more help, you can hire employees or use a sub-contractor to do the work for you.  The use of sub-contractors enables the company to undertake more complex projects whilst not unacceptably increasing their risk.

Pros & cons of sub-contracting:
Flexibility – If your business goes through seasonal peaks and troughs hiring a sub-contractor for your busy periods makes sense.

Specialised services – Sub-contracting allows you to offer your customers specialised services when they’re needed.  By hiring in specialised staff you don’t have the cost of staff training.

Labour cost – You may pay a higher hourly rate of pay for a sub-contractor than you would one of your own employees but you are not responsible for the true cost of an employee;   national insurance, sick pay, holiday pay, healthcare, pension, training.  All these costs added up can make hiring sub-contractors less expensive than finding and hiring staff of you own.

Insurance & Liability – You do not need to take out liability insurance for a sub-contractor, so this yet again is another saving for the business.  However, you should always verify that your sub-contractor carries his own liability insurance.

Control – With your own employees you have total control.   A sub contractor working for you represents your company so care should be taken when selecting subcontractors and refuse to use any that don’t meet your standards.

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