Expert Witness & Investigations

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At Gibson Hewitt we use our general Investigation and problem solving skills to offer additional services:-

We are able to offer additional services:-

  • Expert Witness We prepare the factual reports to aid solicitors and barristers conclude complex and detailed legal actions.
  • Investigations Investigations into a wide range of areas whether for purchasers when considering whether to acquire or for other special purposes especially feasibility studies.

At Gibson Hewitt we have a first class reputation for producing supporting statements which stand up to robust cross-examination. We are able to provide persuasive, clear and concise jargon-free expert witness reports.

Ideally, the earlier we are approached the better. By becoming involved in litigation at an early stage, we can work together with your legal team to build a strong case that is capable of withstanding attack from possible hostile experts engaged by the opposing side.

Our team of experts, as chartered accountants, have extensive practical knowledge of accountancy, together with a detailed understanding of the legal process.

We are able to advise on claims relating to:

  • Office-holders’ fees
  • Insolvency practitioner negligence
  • Directors’ disqualification
  • Fraud relating to trading
  • Insolvency criminal offences
  • Wrongful trading
  • Asset tracing and recovery

Our experts are able to undertake due diligence investigations and feasibility studies to ensure that potential purchasers or those undertaking restructuring deals are properly protected.

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