Struggling with a self-assessment tax bill?

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Find out how Turpin Barker Armstrong’s experienced team can help

Thousands of taxpayers every year find themselves placed into a difficult financial position due to a tax bill that they are unable to pay or that places them and their business in distress.

This is where our experienced team of insolvency practitioners at Turpin Barker Armstrong can help get you back on to the right path.


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As the deadline for the submission of online tax returns quickly approaches on 31 January each year, many are left unsure of where to turn to next in order to settle their outstanding tax bill without severely affecting their own liquidity or that of their business.

Being unable to pay a tax bill or being forced to pay more than you expected can lead to issues with cash flow or leave you in a position where your liabilities are greater than your company’s assets.

Our team of award-winning specialists can offer a range of bespoke solutions to businesses and individuals that are designed to help you manage your finances.

In the case of an unexpected tax bill, we can assist with:

We appreciate that receiving an unexpectedly high tax bill can be a daunting experience, but by acting quickly we can ensure that your liabilities are carefully managed.

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